Sinomach-Hi Changlin 957H

Best Power Performance

  • Equipped with Cummins 6LTA9.3 220/Shangchai SC11C-B220G2B1 engine with strong power, low consumption and good performance.
  • The swirl type prefilter provides good filtering effect and ut is fixed hierarchically with high reliability.
  • The tail pipe has a large caliber design to reduce the exhaust back pressure and it is also fixed hierarchically.
  • The added baffle on the rear of diesel tank is fixed on the counterweight to prevent the damage from accidental collision.

Easy maintence

  • The booster pump is equipped with filter element which greatly extends the service life
  • The air reservoir is placed vertically to reduce the moisture in the brake system.

Comfortable Cabin

  • Cabin featured luxury interior decoration and beautiful appearance and good eyeshot.

High Efficiency Hydraulic System

  • The hydraulic system is labelled as a pilot system
  • The pilot system adopts the accumulator scheme to reduce the power loss of the system.
  • The pilot accumulator is installed in the rifgt auxiliary box for maintenance.
  • Selecting the distribution system, the configuration switch to the limiter, reducing the system shock.
  • The flow amplification valve is positioned in the center of the frame to facilitate maintenance.

Optimized bucket and chassis

  • The optimized bucket has improved the full bucket rate. And there is a backplane added to the bucket rear to prevent the material spilling.
  • The design of chassis has beeb upgraded to make lighter weight but bigger load bearing.

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